What Is An Epilator?

An epilator is a device that is used to remove unwanted hair from the body. Wax and epilator are doing the same work but through different procedures. People have different opinions regarding waxing and epilating. To some people, wax seems to be more time taking and a hassle. As wax pull out hair at once but the epilator removes the hair one by one. You have to makes the first round to the second round of its circulation to get the work done. Therefore, for some people, the epilators seems to be somewhat more painful.

Parts Of An Epilator:

An epilator consist of these parts;

  • Tweezers
  • Rechargeable battery
  • A flashlight to brighten the  skin
  • A shaving head
  • A charger
  • Some epilators have a message cap along with shaving head and trimming head.

Features Of Different Epilators:

Water resistivity; There are options in epilators like 100 % waterproof and simple ones. You can also use an additional gel or foam over the skin to get gentle hair removal. This won’t affect the working of the waterproof epilators.

Stainless steel tweezers; Almost every single epilator is having the tweezing disks made up of stainless steel. Therefore, the disk won’t be rusted even after its several uses.

Painless hair removing; Removing hairs from roots is painful and therefore, some people find discomfort in using an epilator for the first time. You will experience less pain when you get used to the epilation.  Most of the people use wet and dry epilators because removing hairs from the wet skin seems less painful than removing hairs from dry skin.

A Combined Approach To Use Epilator:

You can also go with the combined approach of using an epilator along with the wax. Some people use the wax first and then use an epilator to remove tiny hairs left behind. This makes it really effective to get the work done in less time and with better results.

Evolution In The Beauty Standards:

Beauty standards are changing with time. Everyone wants to look beautiful with no flaws whatsoever. Therefore, getting flawless, smooth and beautiful skin is becoming a common thing. And that is why different methods of hair removing has been introduced over the span of time.

At first, the two most common methods of hair removal were waxing and razors. Therefore, people started using wax to remove unwanted hair but this method was very time consuming and painful too. So, to save time and get rid of the associated pain, people start using razors. The use of razors is time-saving but it also includes several risks. There is a possibility to get cuts on your skin with a razor. In addition, if people use any razor of others there is the risk of spreading many diseases, like AIDS.

So, the modern era has invented epilators, which saves time and is also very safe. It removes the tiniest hair from the skin. Therefore, you can buy an epilator without any second thought. Among the different brands that provide you with the epilators, Braun’s epilators are the best ones.

Advantages Of Epilators:

The most important advantage of epilators are these;

  • It reduces hair growth after the regular use of it.
  • Epilators also makes the skin smoother more quickly than shaving.
  • Hair growth time become very slow.
  • The results of epilation last for around 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon your hair growth rate.
  • From the use of an epilator, you can prevent getting strawberry legs.
  • Epilator also does not make the skin dark, as the hair removing creams do.
  • It will not cause any cuts or abrasions on your skin.

Disadvantages Of Epilator:

The disadvantages of using an epilator are these;

  • It gives an uncomfortable pinch to the skin, especially to the people who use it for the first time.
  • For people with sensitive skin, the redness caused by plucking hair out remains for a couple of hours.

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