How To Use An Epilator On Face?

Using an epilator on the face seems risky because of the sensitive skin. Furthermore, because of the hesitation of using an epilator on the face, most people use it on their arms or legs. The most asked question of people is that whether an epilator works on the face? And the answer is, yes. Many people use it on their face. It won’t cause any cuts or rashes on your face if you use it correctly.

Therefore, we are going to show you the right method of using an epilator on the face.


The best methods to use an epilator on your face is;

  • Charge your device for the best speed.
  • You have to make sure that the length of hair is must be 1 to 3 mm.
  • Now, tighten up your skin for effective hair removal.
  • Place your epilator on the opposite side of your hair direction.
  • You don’t have to do it in a hurry as it leaves behind some hairs.
  • After epilation, use a soothing lotion on your face to lessen redness and any possible irritation.

After using your epilator you have to clean it. Moreover, you can use it on your chin, eyebrows and upper lips. There is not any limitation on the area of using the epilator.

Advantages Of Using An Epilator On Your Face:

Some of people have sensitive skin so they have to be extra careful towards their skin. Waxing on the face causes rashes and redness on the skin. In addition to this, hot wax sometimes burns the facial skin. Similarly, hair removal creams can cause big damage to sensitive skin and cause skin irritation. Therefore, the epilator is much safer than waxing and hair removal creams.

  • Epilator is a quick way to get rid of unwanted hair.
  • It is safe as it does not cause any cut to the body.
  • Epilation is way easier than waxing and hair removal creams.
  • You don’t have to put lots of effort in epilation.

When epilation is done it leaves behind smooth skin for a long time. But shaving does so for a day or two. This is because shaving it just cut off the hairs from your face but epilator pluck hairs from the roots of your skin. By using an epilator on your face by two to three times you do not have a problem using it.

Disadvantage Of Using An Epilator On Your Face:

Indeed epilator is the best machine to remove your hairs from the roots. There are some disadvantages to using epilator;

Pain: It is the most important thing that people complain about. But it is obvious that if the hairs plucked from the roots it causes pain. Furthermore, the epilator plucks hair one by one so it is more painful than waxing. As waxing plucks most of the hairs at a time.

Ingrown Hairs: The most common disadvantage of using an epilator is ingrown hairs. These are the hairs that are not cut by the epilator and grow inside under the skin. Therefore, the epilator cannot capture them. This ingrown hair than become the reason of causing pimples. Sometimes, the cysts also develop in them.

Inflammation: There is a possibility of having inflammation on your skin. Due to pulling the hair from roots, skin gets irritated and that causes inflammation.

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