How To Remove Public Hair With Epilator?

Can we use an epilator for public hair? This is a question that has been asked so many times. The answer is a simple yes. But you have to be mentally prepared for the little bit of pain that this method will bring. Furthermore, you won’t have to depend upon anyone else if you are shy about it.

Before using the epilator on your public area, you have to make sure that the area has been cleaned. It will clean the pores from oil and dirt, making it easy for you to quickly remove hair.

In addition, you have to prepare yourself for epilation. For doing so, take a warm shower. This will open your pores and will also clean the area from oil and sweat. Because of this, the hair will get out easily.

Afterward, you have to run the epilator carefully by following these steps.

Steps To Remove The Public Hair:

  • If you have last cleaned your public hair a month ago or more, you have to trim your hair first. The long hair take much of your time and energy.
  • The hair length on the public area should be 1-5mm. This length is perfect for epilation.
  • For perfect epilation, you have to tighten up your skin with your other hand.
  • During epilation, move the epilator slowly and in the opposite direction of hair growth.

For better results, you have to exfoliate your skin before and after the use of an epilator. It will leave you with smooth skin.

How To Control The Pain After Epilation:

A simple and good method to manage the pain is, rubbing some ice on the area or use a numbing cream. You can use it with the epilator massage cap (if your epilator provides an extra massage cap). Also, you can take a warm shower before epilation. Some people take pain killers to manage the pain, which isn’t that much of a good option. And you don’t have to go to that extent, just bear with it, it isn’t too much to handle.

Benefits Of Removal Of Public Hair With Epilator:

There are many benefits of epilating the public hairs. Some of these benefits are;

Super Smooth Skin:

Epilation gives smooth and silky skin which gives a gentle touch. After several use of the epilator, hairs grow at a slow rate and are thinner.

Long Lasting Results:

The result of the epilator lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, depending upon your natural hair growth. Furthermore, your hair growth rate becomes slow.

Does Not Harm Sensitive Skin:

Epilator does not affect the skin as the wax or razor does. Epilation is free from cuts, burns, irritations and bumps and also does not cause any allergic reaction.

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