How To Clean An Epilator?

An epilator is a device that plucks out the hairs from the roots. In today’s time, the epilator has become an important part of life to quickly get rid of all the unwanted hair. But because of the tiniest hairs that get trapped in the epilation head, it becomes often difficult to clean them up.

So here we are going to show you some of the easiest ways to clean the epilation heads.

Using A Brush:

Almost all the epilators have a mini brush in the packaging which is provided for its proper cleaning. The brush will remove all those loose hair that is stuck in the disk. Simply, brush off the tiny hairs that have been trapped in unreachable spots. The compact design of the brush will help you to reach these places for effective cleaning.

Cleaning It With Water:

You can easily find a number of epilators that are 100 percent waterproof. Therefore, you can use pressurized water to clean it up. Usually, water is not used to clean an electrical device as it will destroy it. But that’s not a case with the waterproof electrical products. Therefore, if you want to prevent any hydraulic harm to your device you can use a waterproof epilator.

While washing the epilator with water, you don’t have to soak it in. But instead, you just have to open up the tap and place the head under the pressure of water. Thus, all the stuck hair will easily come out of it.

Dry Your Epilator:

After cleaning the epilator from water,

  • Take a towel
  • Pat the epilator with a towel
  • Dry all the parts of the epilator with a towel
  • Dry it overnight for best work

Sterilize Epilator With Alcohol:

Sterilizing is very important to maintain proper hygiene and better service life of the epilator. It is an important part of cleaning up the epilator. After using an epilator you have to make sure that your epilator is sterilized to prevent any expected infection.

For sterilizing the epilator, you will need these things.

  • A cotton ball
  • Rubbing alcohol

Soak the cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and then rub the cotton ball on the tweezers of your epilator. Now your epilator is free with all the bacteria.

A secret trick…

Here we have a secret trick for you. You can use a hairdryer to blow the little bit of hair left on the epilator.

Disassembling Of An Epilator:

If you want your epilator works for a long time, cleaning is your first priority. You can do the cleaning of the epilator through disassembling it. For doing so, you have to unplug your epilator if it’s charging. Afterward, remove the cap of the epilator and displace the attachment. You will be seeing too many hairs stuck in the motor. Simply brush them off or use an air blower or hairdryer.

Now, you are done cleaning your epilator. Have a safe epilation!!!

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