How Does An Epilator Work?

The working of an epilator is not much complex as it works on the mechanical grasping mechanism. The same method as that of waxing. It plucks out the hair from the roots as the device moves over.

You might be thinking that how does the hair get pulled out?

There is a rotatory disc on the head of the epilator on which multiple tweezers are present. When the epilator is turned on, the rotatory disc gets the charge and it starts to rotate. Afterward, the tweezers also rotate with the disc. This rotation makes the tweezers open and close. The hair gets grasped by the tweezers and the rotation makes the disc to pluck out hairs from the roots.

How Does Epilation Works?

The epilator is the handheld device that works on battery and plucks the hair out through its multiple tweezers. Epilation is the pulling out of hair from their roots. The battery provides energy to the motor which makes the disc moves and the tweezers catch the hair from roots.

Best Way To Epilate

At the start, you have to clean your body part, which is to be epilated, with a clean brush. This makes the skin smoother. Furthermore, it also reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. For the best result, you have to use the epilator at a 90° degree angle.

If you are using a waterproof epilator, it’s okay to use it on any skin. But if the epilator is not waterproof, you should make sure, before epilation, that your skin and hair are dry.

The best way to epilate the hair perfectly is through managing the right speed. You can find two or three different speed modes in some good epilators.

  1. The first speed mode, which is slow, is provided for the small and fragile hairs.
  2. The second speed mode is faster and is used to capture the long and thick hairs.

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