Hair Removal with Baking Soda – Is It Safe?

Hair removal with baking soda? Is it safe? What are the methods… read the complete article to know if it is for you or not.

The hair on the chin or forehead is a common issue that is not life-threatening. However, growing hair on arms or legs looks unpleasant. Not only this, but even thin hair on the chin, upper lip, or forehead also seems to embrace. In current times, you can find plenty of treatments that claim to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Not to mention, these treatments are not always skin-friendly as your skin is one of the sensitive parts of your body either you make use of any Best Epilator. These advance and expensive treatments might contribute to severe skin disorders as well. So basically, you spend money just to expose yourself to further skin problems. This idea does not entertain everyone so women often look for safe and affordable options.

That is where home remedies come into the play. When opting for home remedies to fix skin issues, you are sure to steer clear of adverse effects. This is because home remedies do not contain adverse health. If a home remedy does not work for you, it does not hurt you either. Plus, they are budget friendly too.

Most of the time, you find the required ingredients in your kitchen which are incredibly convenient. So, if you are not willing to spend an extra amount of money to get rid of excess hair on your face or body, you can consider baking soda. Can baking soda remove hair? Yes, this ingredient is safe, removes hair, and enhances the flavor of your food too.

What is Baking Soda?

Hair Removal with Baking SodaBaking soda is crucial for baking. It would not be wrong to say that no baking recipe is completed without a pinch of it. Baking soda is a chemical compound and known as sodium bicarbonate.

Although it is found in crystalline chunks, it, then, converts into powdered form so that you can use it for various purposes. Apart from making your baked food delicious, this chemical compound is one of the popular ingredients in many home remedies.

Baking soda has properties that make it ideal to whiten your teeth, reduce excess oil from your hair, and remove hair from your body parts.

Baking Soda for Unwanted Hair:

Some people are lucky as they do not have to deal with thick and dark hair. However, there are many women who struggle to control excess hair on face, arms, or even legs. This condition can be incredibly stressful.

Furthermore, thick and dark hair on your skin can be the result of hormonal imbalance whereas in most cases, it is part of genes. You can also consult with a doctor to identify if there is an underlying cause that leads to extra hair.

Apart from this, you can always take benefit from baking soda. Moreover, using baking soda is not only hassle-free but it is economic as well.

Most importantly, if you are looking for painless ways to get rid of unwanted hair, there is nothing as effective as baking soda hair removal packs.

If you are fond of baking, it is likely to sit in your kitchen cabinet. All you need is to mix it with a few more ingredients and let it do the job for you.

Baking Soda – Home Remedies:

You can prepare several baking soda hair removal pastes and apply them directly to the affected area. You can use baking soda on every part of your body for lasting results.

Baking soda benefits you whether you have thin or thick hair. Here are three astounding packs that you can make to remove hair without affecting your skin adversely.

Baking Soda and Lemon:

The first remedy does not only decrease the hair growth but lightens the dark part of your skin as well. When you use products with hazardous chemicals, dark spots develop on your skin. Therefore, using lemon and baking soda is one way to fix two issues.


  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Water (if required)


Mix a small portion of baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice. Add water to make a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the affected part and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash it off as you normally would.

 Baking Soda and Coffee Grounds:

Coffee has shown positive effects when it comes to treating skin problems. You can use to eliminate excess hair.


  • Coffee grounds
  • Baking soda
  • Water


Take baking soda and coffee grounds in equal quantity. Add water and mix well. Apply this thick paste on the chin, upper lip, or arms and let it dry. Rub your skin gently and wash with lukewarm water.

Baking Soda and Water:

This last recipe is perfect for women with busy routines. It requires only two ingredients to let the magic happen. If you are on a budget, this remedy will be more than enough for you. For better or quick results, you can leave it overnight on your skin as well.


  • Baking Soda
  • Water


Mix baking soda with water. Apply it on your arms, legs, or face. And, rub your skin while washing it. It is not best to leave the mixture overnight on your face to avoid it. You can try it on legs or arms.

Helpful Tips to Use Baking Soda:

Although home remedies are free of side effects. It is better to ensure safety precautions to get the desired, especially when you are using something on your face. So, when you decide to use baking soda packs to get rid of excess hair on your body make sure to focus on the following.

  • Apply baking soda mixtures on clean and dry skin.
  • Do not use it on inflamed or burned skin.
  • Try the baking soda paste on a small area of your skin. If you feel irritation or itchiness, wash it immediately with cool water and avoid using it.
  • Consult with your dermatologists if you are using any skin products before using baking soda.
  • When removing baking soda from the skin, be gentle and do not rub your skin harshly.


Nothing is as satisfying as seeing a clear and radiant skin. Baking soda helps remove unwanted hair but results vary on the thickness of your hair. Hence, use it just for a few weeks and enjoy soft, shiny and hair-free skin.

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