Does An Epilator Hurt? – A Guide for Pain Free Epilation

Being a woman is hard. You always have to look good with a clean hair free smooth skin. And for that, you have to go through a lot of pain and process. Since this post is about Epilators 2021, we will talk about Does An Epilator Hurt? And if yes, what is a process or a guide for pain-free epilation? Well, this is all we are going to talk about today. Let us scroll and read it step to step.

Does An Epilator Hurt? – A Guide for Pain Free Epilation:

Epilator Hurt

Now since you have come to this post, it’s obvious that you are looking for a genuine answer to the question mentioned above. Do epilators really hurt? So the answer is Yes, it does hurt.

If we use waxing or shaving, it generally hurts a lot. isn’t it? Similarly, using an epilator will hurt you as well. But the pain completely depends on how you use it and also it varies from person to person. If you have normal skin, it will not hurt too much.

But if you are a person with sensitive skin, it will be a painful process. And since you are removing the hair from using the epilators, it will surely hurt. However, you will have the scope of reducing the pain.

If you do it carefully with a good plan, it will hardly hurt or in some cases, it will not hurt anymore. The pain will be like it is not there. But what are those tips we are talking about? Um? Don’t stress, I’m sharing the tips with you. Just read it here.

1. Use Wet/Dry Epilator:

Using a wet and dry epilator can be a good choice in order to reduce the pain. Such epilators are the waterproof one so you do not need to worry while using it in the shower. They are made on a purpose to use in a shower only. It would be a hygienic way to clean up the hair while taking the shower as you will be able to wash it after that. And by doing this, you will be able to reduce the pain a bit as compared to the usual ones. It is a must to do if you are a newbie and using it for the very first time. It will give you comfort while doing it.

2. Exfoliate:

Exfoliating the skin is a must. But you should do it a few days before going through this process. It will help you to remove the ingrown hair and dead skin. After epilation, do exfoliate after 2-3 days of this process again. It will make sure that your hair will not grow for a longer period of time. You can also add some brown sugar while using a body wash and it will work like a natural scrub for your body/

3. Stretch the Skin:

By saying stretch the skin, I mean to stretch it through your other free hand. If you do this, your epilator will grab more and more hair and it will also make sure that your skin will not get loose and the process will be the easy one for you.

4. Rub the Skin:

Rub your skin where you wish to epilate the hair. Do not overdo it. Rub it slightly. It will help the epilator to take out the hair easily without pain or reducing the pain.

5. Do not Force:

Strictly do not force or apply too much pressure while doing it. It will harm your skin. It’s better if you do it freely. Just keep your hand tight and gently remove the hair from the epilator. It will surely work.

6. Do Not Use Any Cream Before Doing it:

Before doing it, I mean do not use any sort of cream or lotion just before you start epilating the hair. It will instead be an obstacle and won’t let the epilator do his work well. It will become a coat on your hair and hence, it will become a painful process to remove them. Even if you succeed in removing some, the remaining one becomes a grizzly one.

7. Shave:

If you are doing it for the first time, try shaving the hair before 2-3 days. It will reduce the hair and hence, you will get less hair to epilate. Try doing it for the initial time for around 3-4 times. It will reduce half of the pain and once you get used to epilating, you can reduce the shaving and epilate more often.

8. Don’t Epilate After Having Coffee:

If you have coffee, it will make you feel more pain than usual as caffeine is stimulant. And it will take around 10 hours to exit your body system completely. So do not ever try having coffee or soda and epilate. It will increase the pain. If you had it, wait for some hours and do it after it. It will make you feel less pain in comparison.

9. Do not Epilate After Periods:

According to research made, the process of epilation becomes hard if you use it during your menstrual bleeding or even right after the periods. In fact, before a few days of having menstrual bleeding, you will also be extra sensitive. Plus, if you have irregular periods, it will again be a problem for you.
So it’s better to do it after a week of having periods. It will become an easy and painless process for you if you do it safely. However, if you are a woman who gets regular periods, it is advisable to do it just after the periods. This will depend on the type of person you are.

10. Do Not Rush:

Last but not the least, please do not hurry the process. Otherwise, it will become a really really painful process for you which will be unbearable as well. Wait for some time and do it slowly. Even if you have done it many times, doing it fast will be an issue again. Be it a beginner or an expert, it is advisable to do it nicely with time. If you are feeling pain which is more than regular, you can wait for some time and then repeat the process.

These were the ways in which one could use to make the process of epilation easy and pain-free. However, since the process is all about removing the ingrown hair from roots, no way can give you the guarantee of no pain, but it can always be an easier one if one does it nicely.

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