Hair Removal with Baking Soda – Is It Safe?

Table of Contents What is Baking Soda?Baking Soda for Unwanted HairBaking Soda – Home RemediesBaking Soda and Lemon  Baking Soda and Coffee Grounds Baking Soda and WaterHelpful Tips to Use Baking Soda Hair removal with baking soda? Is it safe? What are the methods… read the complete article to know if it is for you […]

Silk’N Flash and Go Review 2019

Table of Contents Silk’n Flash and Go Review – FeaturesEasy to Use DevicePrevents Skin DamageComes with Skin SensorSuggested Uses Painless Hair Removal OptionWhat Makes Silk’n Flash a Reliable Product?Maximum Benefit in Minimum Time Laser hair removal has become a trend. Using devices to get unwanted hair removed is not only a quick solution but provide […]

Waxing During Pregnancy 1st Trimester – Is it safe?

Check what experts recommend about waxing during 1st trimester… Health experts recommend taking extra care to expectant mothers. This is because pregnancy brings a slew of hormonal changes. Many women even notice a significant improvement in their skin and hair. This pregnancy glow also makes you look healthy and beautiful. On the other hand, these […]