Best Epilator Brand in 2023 Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

Undoubtedly the Best Epilator Brand in the market is Braun. With the development of their silk epil series, they have introduced a lot of changes in the epilators. Therefore, the best epilators available in the market according to customer reviews are Braun’s. Other than that, there are a lot of other brands that provide you with some of the best epilators.

Top Picks

Braun Epilator

  • Wet dry use
  • Shaving and epilation
  • Cleansing head

Panasonic, Shaver Epilator for Women

  • Wet dry shaving & epilation
  • Quick hair removal
  • Versatile beauty too

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover for Women

  • Portable
  • Painless
  • Best epilator for facial hairs

Best Epilator Brand – The Best Ones In The Market:

Here, in this article, we are going to show you the five best brand epilators.

1. Braun Silk Epil 9 Skin Spa 9-961V 4 in 1 Epilators for Women:

One of the best epilator brand available in the market for epilators is Braun. And here we have one of the best and latest models of the Braun Silk Epil series. This is a complete skincare system which include cleansing brushes and massager’s head.

Quick Features:

  • The waterproof feature of this epilator makes you able to wash the heads after use.
  • The micro grip feature of this epilator makes it possible for you to pluck out 4 times short hair.
  • The massager head provided in the package provides you with special pads to have a deep massage by yourself.
  • 2 different brush sets are provided for exfoliation of the body through dry brushing and cleansing.

Braun Silk Epil 9 Skin Spa 9-961V 4 in 1 Epilators for Women:

A Good Massager:

You will get a massaging head in the package. This will allow you to give yourself a good massage after a hectic and tiring day, to relax yourself. The massage pads provided in the massaging head provides you with deep massage.

Micro Grip Tweezers:

The hair capturing capacity of this epilator is better than that of the waxing. The tweezers of this epilation head have micro grip technology. Therefore, it will capture the tiny hair on your skin. Even four times shorter hair will be captured by these tweezing disks.

Two Different Brushes:

Two different brush heads have been provided in the package. You can use either one of them for your convenience. But one of them is provided for proper exfoliation of the body, which will get rid of ingrown hair. The other one is for facial cleansing that will get rid of dirt present in the pores.

  • Wet dry use
  • Exfoliation brush
  • Cleansing head
  • Massager head
  • Shaving and epilation
  • Comparatively expensive

2. Philips Beauty BRE235/04 Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator, Compact Hair Removal Epilator for Legs:

Philips has also been a known best epilator brand for its electrical devices. And the epilators provided by them are also worth mentioning. Contrary to the previous one, this Philips epilator is having a corded design not the rechargeable battery design.

Quick Features:

  • You won’t have a limited usage time, because of the corded design you can use it for long enough.
  • The shortest hair capture size of the tweezers of this epilator is 0.5 mm.
  • With the dual voltage settings, this epilator is suitable for worldwide usage.
  • Two different settings provided by this epilator ensures proper hair removal from all over the body.

Philips Beauty BRE235/04 Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator Review:

Corded Design:

This epilator runs on direct electricity and not on batteries. Therefore, you will only have to plug in the power cord and start using it. The non-stop use will allow you to get rid of all the hair on your body. Furthermore, you will get smooth and hairless body for long time.

Two Speed Modes:

Different hair thickness and body parts require different speed settings. But not all of the brands provide dual or triple speed settings. Contrary to this, Philips Satinelle provides you with the different speed modes. You can adjust the speed settings according to your needs.

Dual Voltage Settings:

The dual voltage settings of this epilator makes it efficient for worldwide use. You can take it with you at any place. Even if you are going on a foreign tour, you can take it along with you and use it anytime. This will deal with all of your emergency hair removal needs.

  • Highly affordable
  • Dual voltage
  • Dual speed modes
  • Corded design
  • Micro grip tweezers
  • A bit loud

3. Panasonic , Cordless Wet and Dry Epilator and Shaver for Women:

Another amazing and well-known brand is Panasonic. To provide its customers with the best personal care products, Panasonic has introduced its epilator. It will be a good choice for your whole body hair problems. A separate epilation head is also provided in this set for armpits and bikini lining.

Quick Features:

  • The epilation head of this epilator is having a dual disc design with 60 hypoallergenic tweezers that continuously rotate.
  • The epilation head is having a pivot design that will adjust itself to the contours of the body.
  • Epilator is 100 percent water proof and therefore, you can use shaving gel or foam while using the shaver.
  • EASY CORDLESS EPILATION: for hard to reach areas, a 90 degree pivoting epilator head closely moves along the contours of your body; a cordless design makes it easy to use the epilator anytime, anywhere.
  • You will also get an in-built LED light to view small and tiny hair in low light.

Panasonic Wet and Dry Epilator and Shaver Review:

Built-In LED Light:

Sometimes small and fine hair doesn’t get captured by the tweezers because you couldn’t see them. Therefore, the next time you use the epilator, you can turn on the LED smart light. This will make you able to see those tiny bits of hair left behind.

Hypoallergenic Material Blades:

The material used for the shaver blades and epilator tweezers is hypoallergenic stainless steel. This material makes the shaver extra sharp and also ads durability. The long service life is not the only thing that you will get. But it will be hypoallergenic and therefore, it will fine to use it on any skin type.

Washable Epilator:

This Panasonic epilator is 100 percent water proof. Therefore, you can use it on both wet and dry hair and skin. Furthermore, you can also wash it after use, it will completely wipe out the epilated hair out of it. In addition to all these, you will be able to use the shaver along with the shaving gel and foam.

  • Pivot head
  • Five snap on hair removal attachments
  • Quick hair removal
  • 1 hour charging time
  • Easy cordless epilation
  • Wet dry shaving & epilation
  • Versatile beauty too
  • Only 30 minutes operation time

4. Remington Smooth Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator:

Remington is also a well-known brand among ladies. Its popularity is because of the amazing personal care products like straighteners. But their epilator is not lacking behind in anything. This Silky Deluxe epilator provides you with ultimate hairless, smooth skin with its wide epilation head.

Quick Features:

  • The rechargeable feature makes the epilator highly convenient and portable.
  • The LED smart light makes you able to see the fine and thin short hair left behind after proper epilation.
  • You will also get some additional caps like the massaging cap to get you some relaxed time.
  • This epilator is having stainless steel tweezers that makes it best for every skin type.

Remington Smooth Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator Review:

Rechargeable Feature:

This epilator is rechargeable and therefore, you can use it whenever and wherever you want. If you are traveling, you can use it in your car. Simply charge it while you are at home and if you have to urgently go somewhere and didn’t had the time to go to the salon, it will be the best too to be used at that time.

2 Speed Settings:

Two different speed settings provide you a great control over the epilation. You can set the speed at the rate that suits your skin and hair type. If you have thick and bushy hair, it would be best to use higher speed. And if you have tiny hair left behind and you need to use the epilator on selected areas, slower speed will be better.

Wide Tweezing Head:

The tweezers provided in the epilation head are 40. Not only these 40 tweezers makes epilation easy but also makes the epilator head a bit wide. Because of this wide head, more hair come in contact with the tweezers in the given time. Therefore, tweezers pluck out more hair in one stroke and provides you with smooth skin in less time.

  • Wide skin coverage
  • Long lasting results
  • Highly portable
  • Comfortable barrels
  • Pivoting tweezing head
  • Gets a bit louder

5. Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover for Women:

This is a rather unknown brand in comparison to the above 4 ones. But the quality of service provided by this epilator has made it able to be selected here. It is more of a personal care set with the option of electric razor and callus remover.

Quick Features:

  • One Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover, Blush/Rose Gold stainless steel bladed hair remover for women features 18 karat gold plating and LED light for precision. It provides you with effective and precise hair removal.
  • Use the face hair trimmer to instantly remove peach fuzz and hair from lips, chin, neck and cheeks or use as an eyebrow shaper to maintain flawless brows between, or instead of, waxing and plucking.
  • 2 different speed levels makes you able to adjust you to the hair thickness and volume.
  • A protective design is used in the shaver that prevents any cut or abrasion and makes it harmless.

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover for Women, Blush/Rose Gold Electric Face Razor for Women Review:

Callus Remover:

The epilator is designed to remove the unwanted hair and of course it does so. But other than that, you will get a callus remover in the package. You can use it to deal with the harsh dead skin of your heels. Thus, a perfect item to be used for pedicure at home. You won’t have to go to the salon next time. You can have a weekly pedicure at home.

Efficient Epilation Head:

The epilation head of this epilator is not so extra wide. It is normal for the head to become warm with use. The secret is a revolutionary Butterfly Technology that erases hair by microscopically paring it down through a spinning head. Neatly and discreetly housed under the 18 karat gold-plated head, the Butterfly Technology never touches delicate facial skin. For superior results, use on hair 1/4 inches in length or less.

For Facial Hairs:

This epilator is best to be used for your facial hairs. You can use it for your arms, legs, bikini area and also armpits. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades will make it possible to be used without any allergic reaction. It won’t even cause any cuts and would be safe to be used anywhere.


This is more like a razor-but it won’t cut your skin. An epilator pulls the hair out by the root. It takes longer for the hair to grow back, but epilation can be painful. This product is painfree and gets rid of the lighter, finer, and softer hair that an epilator might not be able to grab.

  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommended
  • Made with 18 karat gold and shaped like a tube of lipstick for discreet hair removal anywhere
  • Flawless facial hair removal device is gentle enough to use everyday before putting on makeup
  • Portable
  • Blush/Rose Gold stainless steel bladed hair remover for women features 18 karat gold plating and LED light for precision
  • Battery powered
  • It can take long in charging

Best Epilator Brand – FAQs:

What Is The Best Brand For Epilators?

You can go with the Braun, Panasonic or Remington epilators. But the winner among all the epilator brands is Braun. It has provided an ultimate user experience to its customers and ladies just love it. The Silk Epil series by Braun is a complete hit.

Is Epilator Any Better Than Waxing?

Epilation and waxing, both have their pros and cons. If you are in a hurry and got no one to help, you have got your epilator. You can use it even when you are in your car. On the other hand, waxing is quick. You have to simply stick the waxing sheet on your skin and pull it. Most of the hair will be pulled out.

Waxing Or Epilation, What Hurts More?

Epilation does seem more painful because it will pull out hair one by one. On the other hand, waxing pulls out all the hair at once. Although the pain is equal, as the hair are pulled out from roots but in waxing, you have to bear it for just 2 to 5 seconds. On the other hand, in epilation hair are pulled out eventually and you will have to bear continuous pain.


There are some very good brands available in the market. You can select the best epilator brand from the list of top five that we have finalized. All the five best epilator brand mentioned above, provide the best results. There is a difference in price tag because of the brand popularity and the additional caps included.

We have selected the best epilator brand after careful consideration of the price and quality. Therefore, you can have the right epilator for you on the basis of features that you want and the price that you can afford.

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