Best Epilator Reviews For Full Body, Face, Bikini, Legs In 2018

Best epilator for Bikini area, face and underarms reviewed after a technical and peer to peer consumer reviews collected.

Being a woman, I know how hard it is to get a soft and smooth skin with no hair. I have tried almost each and every possible way to remove the unwanted hair of my body parts and one of the most common way to remove hair is waxing.

But trust me, I couldn’t get a smooth and soft skin after waxing. And it became irritating when i had to get it waxed in almost 3-5 days.

It was getting worse day by day but then i came to know about epilators. And after researching a lot about it, I finally purchased one. It worked like a magic for me. By using an epilator, i was not only able to remove my body hair but also got a silky smooth skin.

So today, we are going to discuss the same, i.e., the best epilators of 2018. Before we start our list, let us know some basics about epilators.

They come in all shape and sizes. Also, you can buy one according to the part from where you want to remove the hair as some of the epilators are recommended for your face and other sensitive skin areas, some for armpits, some for legs and so on.

Assuming that you know what is an epilator and probably that’s the reason you’ve landed on our page, we’re moving towards the list of epilators.

Buying Guide - Best Epilator for Bikini, Face and Underarms 2018

Now let us take a quick look at some of the features you should look for before making a choice.

  1. Number of tweezers- Make sure that your epilator has many tweezers. It will directly relate to the performance of the epilator. So before buying, always look for the numbers as it is the key element.
  2. Number of Caps- Just like the tweezers, the number of caps also is equally important. According to me, you should go for a unit with the separate caps for bikini line, underarms, facial hair and legs. It increases the efficiency of an epilator and also makes it more versatile.
  3. Noise level- Well, this is something very basic thing to look for. Find a less noisy epilator so that you can take your hair off without letting the world know.
  4. Speed Settings- For the first time users, most of them will come with dual speed settings. It will be faster. But that should be your personal choice to choose if you’re comfortable with it or not.
  5. Built in Light- Always look for a built in light epilator so that you can cut off your smallest hair as well. It would be beneficial for you to epilate the hair.
  6. Washable heads- As i mentioned above, basic hygiene is mandatory. With the help of washable heads of an epilator, you will be able to stay safe and hygienic as it will not infect your other parts with germs.

10 Best Epilators of 2018 Reviewed

This SE7681 SILK Epil 7 wet and dry epilator is one of the best model launched by Braun. If you’re concerned for removing the short hair, this is the one for you. It can remove the hair up to a depth of 0.5 mm.It has a high frequency massage system so that you will not feel much pain after epilation. This particular model has an ergonomic design as well as pivoting head which can lead to the maximum hair removal. It also has an in built exfoliation mechanism to helps in enlarging the skin pores. It has a high density brush with around 10,000 bristles.


  • It is cordless so that you can use it anywhere.
  • It has 5 attachments so you can use it on each and every part of your body.
  • It has around 40 close grip tweezers for the better hair removal.
  • It is wet and dry epilator you can use it while taking a shower.
  • It removes the hair from root and hence, you will have a hairless skin for a longer time.
  • List Item


  • Built in exfoliation
  • Close grip technology
  • Ergonomic design which gives a better grip


  • Can cut without giving a warning

If you want to remove hair fast, you can go for this Braun Silk Epil  9 9 521 wet and dry cordless epilator as it will remove more than half hair in a single stroke. It has a microgrip tweezer technology along with deeper, longer and wider tweezers which increases the efficiency. Since it is a wet and dry epilator, you can use it while having a shower and after having it too. It actually removes up to 4 times as compared to the traditional methods like waxing. It has a massage attachment which makes the process easy and comfortable for you. It can also be used to the sensitive skin people and removes hair for around 4 weeks.


  • Smart lights
  • Patented micro grip technology
  • Pulsating vibrations
  • Extra wide heads.


  • It will come fully charged.
  • Exquisite design
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • It can be break easily.
  • It requires multiple passes.

This BRAUN Silk-Epil 9 9-579 Epilator is 6 times better as compared to the manual one. It has a clipper, a callus remover and a shaver as well as. The running time of this epilator is around 40 minutes without any break. It is cordless and rechargeable and makes a perfect choice to buy. While making the tool, the safety has been their main concern and hence it is made with a CE international safety standard along with a double rolling speed feature. Having the built in trimmer makes it suitable for bikini line and underarms. Also, since it has a callus remover too, you can use it in removing the course skin of your feet.


  • It cleans the brush
  • It is electric hair removal epilator.
  • Silk- epil micro grip technology which is up to 0.5mm deep.


  • It is price friendly and highly affordable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is the one you can use for all grooming with the same device.


  • Razor might take passes

BRAUN face 851 is an electrical epilator for women which is made for face. It has a sleek and compact design and has 10 micro opening catch to remove the hair of 0.02mm too. It comes with cleansing brush system and facial cleansing brush. It helps in cleansing the skin pore deep with micro oscillations. If you want to know if you should go for this epilator then let me tell you that it is one of the best epilator of 2018 used for face and is dermalogica tested product. So you can use it without any issue. It cleanses your skin upto 6 times as compared to the manual cleansing method. It includes 4 different brushes which covers your all skin care need. It has four brushes such as exfoliation brush, normal brush, beauty sponge and one extra sensitive brush. It comes with all hygiene as it does spot clean and cleans with included brush. This epilator is a battery one.


  • Cleanses your face 6 times as compared to hand.
  • It has 4 different brush.
  • It comes with pore deep cleansing function.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It will remove hair by roots so your hair won’t grow back soon.
  • Attractive design
  • It smoothen your skin.
  • 100% safe to use anywhere


  • Quite expensive

This Panasonic ES-ED90-P is an epilator and a shaver as well. It has total 6 attachments in it. It has hypoallergenic blades through which you can have gentle cutting and more effective one. It also has a super sharp stainless steel blades which is important for enhancing the performance. It is time saving as it has the pop up trimmer through which you can have a quick trip and effective. It also has a bikini comb attachment. It comes with dual disc epilator head with 48 rotating tweezers so that it can pull off your hair from their roots. It can gilde well over the contours of the skin as the head is being designed to pivot 30 degree backward and forward. This epilator is a 2 speed model idea suitable for both wet and dry conditions. You can also use a shaving soap or a foam.


  • It comes in 2 speed.
  • Has pivoting head
  • Easy washable for a hygienic cleaning
  • 48 rotating tweezers to remove the hair well.
  • Has wet and dry hair facility.


  • 2 speed.
  • Pivoting head
  • Wet and dry facility
  • Both epilator and a shaver 2 in 1.


  • Can be bit painful

This model of Philips HP6401 satinelle epilator has a very attractive design. It is the best epilator for bikini area if you want to epilate your legs and bikini line and can cut as close as 0.5mm which is quite impressive.

The Philips HP6401 Satinelle comes in a very eye-catching design. Also, the ergonomic design for the body is great for getting a tight grip. Since it is a 2 speed setting, you can have a great control over speed which will reduce the changing of nicking yourself. You can adjust the speed with the help of a button given there. You can even use it in your sensitive areas like ankles and knees too. It has 21 hypoallergenic discs which helps in reducing the irritation. It also has removable and washable heads which helps in maintaining the basic hygiene.


  • It has efficiency cap for your sensitive skin
  • Can cut as short as 0.5mm
  • Ergonomic design


  • It has a long cord.
  • 2 speeds makes it better.
  • Washable and removable head.
  • Good for removing short hair


  • It is expensive
  • Bit noisy
  • Has a heating issue

If budget is a major issue for you, you should go for this Emoji AP-18 emagine dual opposed epilator only. It has 72 tweezers which will remove your unwanted hair without pain and in a quicker way. It has less number of passes which makes it a perfect epilation. It also has groundbreaking glide technology which work by removing the hair by lifting hair. It has 72 tweezers with antimicrobial protection in order to keep you protected from infections at bay. This epilator uses silver ion technology which was also introduced first time when emjoi AP used it in order to remove hair safely and in much healthy way. Through this emulator, you can emulate the face hair, underarms hair and the bikini line hair as well.


  • It is designed in such way that you can remove the shortest hair.
  • It has dual opposed staggering heads.
  • It comes with glide technology which you will not find in any other emulator.


  • It is quite affordable
  • Very versatile
  • Has a comfortable grip


  • Time consuming task
  • Difficult to pull short hair

This Braun Silk epil 5 5- 185 epilator is an affordable one to go for. However, it does not mean that it does not work well. In fact, it is one of the best epilator in the list.

It can remove as short as 0.5mm hair. It also had 40 close grip tweezers which allows you to grip the hair better. It has a massage roller which makes the process less painful. Also, its cooling glove is soothing too. Having a pivoting head allows you to rotate 15 degree forward and backward which makes it easy to adapt to the skin contours. You can use it in running water as well.


  • It has a smart light which helps in removing the short hair.
  • Has a massage roller to reduce the pain by massaging.
  • Has 40 close grip tweezers.
  • It is washable.


  • Washable and hence hygienic.
  • Pivoting heads to use on curves.
  • Remove hair as short as 0.5mm.


  • It can be a painful process if you use it first time.



This Braun silk epil 5 5-280 has close grip technology and comes with 40 tweezers. With the help of this model, you can remove hair as short as 0.5mm. It also has a massage roller for giving you a pain free experience. The lights would help you to ensure if you’ve removed all the hair or not. It also has pivoting head. If you have a thicker hair, it is the one for you and has a tripper cam and shaver head with the epilator. You can have both dry and wet shaving with it. However, if you want a quick epilating, go for dry one only.


  • It has pivoting heads.
  • Has massage rollers
  • Has 40 close grip tweezers.
  • Trimmer cap and shaver head comes in the pack


  • Massage roller reduces the pain.
  • It is easy to cleaning
  • Can remove short hair upto 0.5mm too
  • Close grip technology
  • For thick hair, trimmers and shaver head comes free.


  • Cord is short.

Last but not the least, This Braun silk epil 3 epilator comes with 20 tweezers for removing the hair gently from root which will make you go hairless for up to 4 weeks. Like other epilators in the list, this one also comes with massage rollers which massages your skin make the process of epilation easy. It also makes your skin smooth. It also has a triple action cutting system which will become harsh on hair but smoother on skin. It also has 2 speed settings and smart light for a better epilating process.


  • Comes with 2 speed settings
  • It has smart light which will help in removing even the finest layer of hair.
  • It has triple action cutting system.
  • It has massage rollers.


  • Massage rollers ease your work.
  • It is efficient and has 20 tweezers.
  • It removes hair from root.
  • Triple action cutting system.


  • Might become expensive on your pocket.

Frequenty Asked Questions About Best Epilator of 2018

Basically, an epilator is an electrical device through which you can remove your body hair temporarily. With the help of an epilator, once you remove the hair, it will not come back for a longer time as it works at a follicle level of hair to make sure that the hair does not grow soon. You can use it anywhere such as on underarms, face, legs and the sensitive areas too. It comes with a spinning discs so that you can remove the hair while rotating. Even though it is a painful process, but it works like a pro.

The straight and simple answer is yes, it works. If you are tired of trying all those hair removing methods like waxing or shaving, the epilator will make it for you. I have personally tried this and is extremely happy with the results and hence, I can say that it will help in your case too. However, do not expect it to remove the hair permanently as it will fail to do it. But yes, expect a hairless skin for more than 15 days.

Who said it? A big no. It is very effective and will not lead to more hair. In fact, you should know that the epilator is a dermatological tested product. So, it is safe. However, since we get hair after some time even after waxing as it is natural, do not expect permanent hairless skin with an epilator as well.

Yes, it does. But it does not give you unbearable pain. In fact, it is better than waxing. But i can make it bit easy for you. Let me share my technique with you all. I generally pull the hair in intervals. I take short breaks so that I don’t have to bear pain for longer time. But since you’re pulling off your hair, it will pain a little and that’s completely natural. When you will try it for the first time, do it with time and in no hurry as it will be a painful process for you. But once you do it, it will start become easy in future times as the hair which will grow back after using the epilator will be thinner.

As long as you do it nicely, you can epilate any part of your body. It also depends on the kind of epilator you’re choosing as some epilators will be made for a specific area and hence, it is not recommended to use them anywhere else. So do accordingly.

Before epilating, make sure that you’re staying at home as after you epilate, your skin will turn red for the fact that your removed the hair. So you will have to protect your skin at that particular time. It is recommended to protect for the beneficial of your own skin. So you can choose the weekends or evening hours so that you can stay at home and not anywhere else.

Before epilating the skin, take a bath and clean that entire area carefully. It will prevent the blockage of holes where your hair grows. Exfoliate your skin regularly and make sure that you don’t epilate your skin just after exfoliating it. Take a good interval between these two activities. Otherwise, your skin will have an irritation.

It is simply because while using an epilator, you’re not removing the roots. There will be papilla which keeps regenerating the puller hair and grows it back. But it will not happen immediately. It will take some time.

If you have a sensitive skin, try using a warm water while epilating the hair. It will be effective and reduce pain. It will work best.

I don’t personally recommend this. However, if you wash it properly after every use, you can share it. But if you can, try not to do it for basic hygiene reasons. You might end up having an infection so it’s always good to keep some things personal.

If you soak the skin with warm water, it will help you in epilating and reducing the pain. So yes, you can do that. However, confirm if the epilator is exposable to water for your safety measures.

If you’re not using a corded epilator, you can use it. However, you still need to ensure it before using it. It is totally up to the type of epilator you’re having. You will get the help from the manuals.

The best you can do is to exfoliate before you epilate. It will work otherwise, it might become a matter of concern. If we go to the actual reasons, it happens when the pores are blocked with the dead skin cells. So, to avoid such situation, you must exfoliate.

The short answer is no. Just keep it charged and clean and you’re good to use it. Nothing else needs to be done.

Yes, you can do that. It will become more effective and less painful. So, you can do it if you want to in order to make the entire process easy.

No, it is safe if you’re following the guide. Just follow whatever is written here and you’re safe to go. Also, make sure you make a best choice in buying an epilator for epilating the pubic hair to avoid infection. Also, don’t do it in any sort of disturbance. Do it without hurrying and it will be all good.

Okay, so this must be a question comes in a mind of all of you before making a purchase. How much should you spend on buying an epilator? Which would be the most affordable yet worth spending cost? Well, an average epilator would cost you around  £30 and £45 which will have less amount of tweezers so the process of epilating would be time taking. For sensitive areas, it will have less caps and attachments you can use. However, if you’re willing to spend more than this, you will get better functions but for that you need to spend at least  £100 on an epilator and you will get all the functions and it would be worth buying.

Advantages of Epilator

Much more hygienic– Using an epilator is way too hygienic than the other hair removing methods we have. It does not require any sort of cream or liquids and in fact, to make it even better, some of the devices does have chambers that helps in catching the falling hair which is indeed a cleaner way.

Not too expensive– Even though you might find buying an epilator a costly affair, it would save a lot of your amount in long term. However, you will have to buy it now which might make your pocket empty. But if you consider the expense you get for those expensive waxing in parlours and for buying the creams, you will realize that having an epilator will save a lot of your money.

Stay Hairless for long– As i mentioned above, when i use to get my body parts waxed, i use to get the hair again in every 3-5 days which was actually frustrating, but when i tried epilator, i didn’t need to do anything for being hairless for a longer period.

Works everywhere– Except few epilators, most of them can be used all over your body. You can use them on underarms, legs, bikini line, face and etc. However, some of them are exclusively made for your sensitive areas.

Good for your skin– If you shave your hair, you will be using a sharp blade on your skin which is obviously not good and healthy for your skin. It may cause redness and irritations. It also won’t let your skin be smooth. However, with epilators, the scenario isn’t same. As compared to other methods, it is much more skin friendly way.

How to find a good epilator?

Okay, so if you’re a new user, you must be thinking how to find a good epilator for yourself? What would be the criteria of choosing a good epilator? Well, don’t worry. We have made it easy for you. let’s take a look at these points and the choice will become easy. Basically, there are two important choices one should consider while making a purchase of an epilator. Let’s talk about it.

Cordless or Corded?

Okay, so this question is common. I personally recommend you the cordless one as it gives you the freedom to use it anywhere and almost everywhere. However, both choices have their own different benefits. For eg, if you have a cordless one, you will be able to use in a bathroom (only if you have a dry and wet epilator). B

Note–  please never ever try to use the corded one in a bathroom or anywhere near water. It will be dangerous for you.

 If you’re using a corded one, you can easily use it for a longer time as compared to the cordless epilator as the cordless ones only lasts till 1 hour after charging. So, you have to make a smart choice keeping both the factors in mind.

Battery one or rechargeable?

Now if you have decided the cordless epilator, you will again get two choices. One is to have a rechargeable battery built in or either to go for a battery powered one.

If budget is a deciding factor for you, your choice is pretty clear, go for battery one. These will be a great choice for taking with you on a long vacations. However, if you need an epilator for a regular use, go for rechargeable ones otherwise you will end up spending a lot of money in buying the batteries. Mostly, rechargeable battery epilators are easy to use and water resistant.

Wet or dry?

Now comes the most important questions. Well, I recommend you to go with dry one as it will consume less time and will be more effective. The hair will also not get stick to your body so you will feel better and take less time as compared to the wet one.


We have seen the top 10 emulators of 2018 in this list. Finding a good and suitable epilator becomes a difficult task as you need to look for so many features before making an investment. Some of them works by epilating the hair from its root, whereas some just trim it. If you go for the one which rips the hair by root, you can go hairless for a longer period of time as it epilates the hair by the root so it will take time to grow the hair back. It will not harm your skin as it only grabs your hair and not the skin. Buying an epilator would be a smart choice for you as it will be the one time investment and will save a lot of money in future time. It is feasible as you can do it by your own at home without taking an appointment of a posh parlour.

All over, it is a great choice to choose an epilator over other hair removal stuffs like waxing or shaving as it is good for your skin and is one time investment. We have curated the best 10 epilator you can ever have in this article. From their features to pros and cons, we have made it informative and detailed and you can completely rely on these information.

Talking about which one do I use, I use Braun Silk epil 9 9 579 epilator as it helps in giving me a painless experience. However, I won’t lie about the fact that it is totally painless as it is not. But as compared to the other epilators, this one worked best for me till now.

One more thing I like about this epilator is that it has a dual function as electric razor so that I end up saving myself from buying the electric razor again and again which costs a lot. And since I have a habit of removing the hair while taking a shower, it is perfect as it can be used both wet and dry. All over, it is one my personal recommended epilator throughout the list. If this does not work for you, choose any from the list and trust me, you will thank me later. Hope you’ve got all the information you needed before buying an epilator from our article. If you have any further query, you can comment in the given comment box and I would try my best to solve it as soon as I can.

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